SENSORE DI MOVIMENTO A INFRAROSSI 180° Montaggio a Plafone (Max 1200W)

VT-8048 180 ° INFRARED MOTION SENSOR Surface Mount (Max 120

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Movement and twilight sensor with max 12mt detection, operating at 230V for automatic switching on when passing only when it is dark.
Equipped with screw terminals, for direct connection of headlights or lamp holders.
It is also water resistant and can therefore be mounted outdoors (IP44). It is sold complete with a bracket for easy wall mounting.
Convenient in the garden, in courtyards, on construction sites.
Not afraid of vibrations and frequent on and off cycles.
With manual override function , this sensor can be bypassed using the switch: by turning it off and on within 3 seconds, the sensor is bypassed and the light will always remain on. To restore normal sensor operation, simply turn off the switch and wait 20 seconds before turning it back on.

PIR Motion Sensor + Built-in Twilight Light Sensor (SINGLE SENSOR) configurable:
1 - Trimmer LUX, defines the working conditions DAY / NIGHT: when set to the "SUN" symbol, the sensor is active all day; vice versa, when you set the indicator to the "MOON" symbol, the sensor stops working during the day and starts working automatically when it gets dark;
2 - Trimmer TIME, adjusts the sensor delay time (from 10 seconds up to 7 minutes); by delay time we mean that time in which the lighthouse, projector, bulb remains on, when a moving body goes beyond the detection distance of the PIR sensor. We could also say "accompaniment time".
  • Supply: 220V
  • Max power: 1200W Classic bulb - 300W LED
  • Protection: IP44
  • Body color: White
  • Protection: IP44
  • Dimensions: 86.4mm X 60.4mm X 86.4mm